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Phase I - Archeological Investigation

A Phase I archeological investigation consists of two components, a Phase IA literature review and sensitivity assessment and Phase IB archeological field reconnaissance. *

The Phase IA investigation is intended to gather information concerning the environmental, physical, and cultural setting of a project area and to assess the likelihood that it contains cultural resources.

The Phase IB entails a systematic inspection of the project to determine the presence or absence of archeological remains. A variety of field methodologies are employed depending on the environmental, physical, and cultural setting of the project area.

If an archeological site is identified in an area that will be affected by your project, a Phase II archeological site evaluation may be required if avoidance of the site is not feasible.

To request a proposal for Phase I services, please contact us. For information about how to request a proposal, please see our RFP Guidelines.

For a detailed explanation of the standards and procedures for cultural resource investigations in New York download the Cultural Resource Standards Handbook. For Vermont, refer to the Division of Historic Preservation’s (VDHP) website.

 * In New York State, the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) generally requires the Phase IA and Phase IB reports to be submitted together. For projects subject to review by the NY SHPO, we recommend our combined Phase I services.