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Human Remains Documentation

Hartgen offers a variety of services to locate, identify, document, recover, analyze, and reinter human remains and associated funerary materials. In coordination with a team of subconsultants, our experienced staff will manage all facets of your project relating to the presence of human remains. After a conclusive determination of the presence of human remains, we follow a state-approved protocol for notifying appropriate authorities and handling human remains, and provide recommendations for avoidance or further investigation.

Locate unmarked graves and delineate the bounds of known cemeteries.

Identify the cultural affiliation of the remains.

Document the archeological context and position of the human remains with scaled drawings and photographs.

Recover the human remains and any associated artifacts from the ground, label, and secure them to prevent damage or deterioration.

Analyze the burial or cemetery through a combination of historical research and laboratory analysis.

Reinter the remains in coordination with involved authorities, such as Native American representatives.

For more information about our services, please contact us. If you need an immediate response regarding an unanticipated discovery of human remains, please call (518) 283-0534.