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Building Surveys

Our staff is available to complete Building Surveys for projects of all sizes throughout the northeastern United States. A building survey is typically used to generate field determinations of National Register eligibility for individual or groups of structures. This type of survey is sometimes required prior to construction projects; it also might be undertaken as part of an Environmental Impact Statement. The scope of these surveys may be limited to a single structure in association with the development of a specific property, or may extend over multiple towns or counties as is the case with viewshed surveys. The latter scope is typical when cell-tower installations, power lines, or wind farms are being planned.

Determinations of eligibility for individual structures or districts can be presented in one of several formats. Letter-form reports are requested by some clients who simply wish to have a sense of what resources in a proposed project area may be eligible. Some clients prefer us to prepare the State field forms for all buildings or structures on a site for presentation to a lead agency such as a town planning board or the State Historic Preservation Officer for review.

Sample Building Survey projects

For more information or to request a proposal for our services, please contact Walter Wheeler by email or by telephone at (518) 283-0534.