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Each year, thousands of archaeological and architectural history studies are conducted across the United States. Yet many people react with surprise when they learn of exciting finds in places familiar to them. While most studies in the United States are done in obscurity by cultural resource management (CRM) firms in preparation for new construction, Hartgen is committed to the public dissemination of its work. In an effort to increase public awareness of archaeology and architectural history and to make the results of our work more accessible we offer this online library containing selected volumes of our work and we are available to give public presentations upon request.

Your Land, My Land: T. Middlemast Historic Site, Delhi, NY
Sponsored by the State University Construction Fund

This two-part video presents the results of Hartgen's archeological investigation of the T. Middlemast Site. The research focused on an approximate 100 year span (1800-1906) marked first by a period of tenancy and transitioned to owner occupancy after the culmination of the Anti-Rent movement in Delaware County. The site displays a steady increase in the socioeconomic standing of the residents. Housing shifts from a simple log house to a timber-frame structure with substantial foundation and the artifact assemblage displays an increase in material discards as opposed to personal re-use of older items.

Your Land, My Land (Part 2 of 2)

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