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Historic Structure Reports

John E. and Anne Freyenmoet van Alen house, DeFreestville, Town of North Greenbush, Rensselaer County, NY. A center-passage house built for Van Alen in 1793-94, when he was elected to Congress. The house is framed in the New World Dutch manner and so is a rare example of the late use of this type of framing utilized in the construction of a two story house. The HSR compiles a large amount of materials gathered during various restorations undertaken during the course of the 20th century and interprets a large number of manuscripts which survive from the Van Alen family occupation of the house. Read the Background and Social History section of this historic structure report (HSR).

The Bowne house, Flushing, Queens County, NY. One of the oldest standing structures in the northeast, the Bowne house was originally constructed as a farmhouse c.1660 and was subsequently remodeled numerous times over the next three centuries. It now occupies an urban context. The HSR was prepared in anticipation of an extensive restoration and transference to the Historic House Trust of New York. Read the Architectural Description and Context and Existing Conditions portions of this HSR.

Ne-Ha-Sa-Ne Rail Station, Whitney Wildlife Preserve, Hamilton County, NY. A c.1903 private train station constructed for the Webb-Vanderbilt family in the Adirondacks, and associated with one of the Great Camps. The HSR was prepared to support the renovation, reuse, and interpretation of the building.