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Glen-Sanders house, Scotia, Schenectady County, NY. The Glen-Sanders house was sampled to support a paper published in American Furniture, in which architectural details encountered in the upper Hudson and lower Mohawk valleys were compared with contemporary furniture forms to identify a school of craftsmen working in that region in the early 18th century.

DeFreest House, DeFreestville, Rensselaer County, NY. The DeFreest house was sampled to provide a more definitive pine master for the upper Hudson Valley.

Quackenbush Distillery, City of Albany, Albany County, NY. The sample from the Quackenbush distillery came from one of the drain pipes, and definitively dated the renovations of the complex to the year 1792.

West Camp house, West Camp, Ulster County, NY. The owner of this house was interested in determining the construction date for the dwelling, which was variously estimated as occurring between 1710 and 1750 by historians.

Reconstructions and Existing Conditions Drawings

Reconstruction drawings of a house archeologically excavated on Montgomery Street in downtown Albany, Albany, County, NY, to support interpretation in a Phase III report.

Existing conditions drawings of the Wright-Reis house, several associated outbuildings, and a site plan, Town of Somers, Westchester County, NY.

Reconstruction of the Quackenbush distillery and its environs as they appeared c.1790. For a Phase III report on excavations undertaken at the distillery site in Albany, Albany County, NY.

Reconstruction drawings of the William D. Durkee tin shop, later converted to a dwelling, in Barre, Washington County, VT.

Reconstruction drawing based on HABS field notes dating to 1936, for an Historic Structure Report on the John Bowne house, Flushing, Queens County, NY.

Reconstruction drawings of three houses on College Avenue, in Troy, Rensselaer County, NY, as interpretive support for a Phase 3 archeological report on the College Avenue Historic Archeological District.

Reconstruction drawings of the Bennett house and wheelwright's shop, in Stockbridge, Windsor County, VT.


Dendro Sampling

Cross section of water pipe from the Quackenbush distillery, collected for dendro sampling

Reconstructed plans of the John Davis tenant house, Albany c.1841 by W. R. Wheeler